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Quality UK supplier of FIBC, Debris Netting and Cable ties
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FIBC - One Tonne Bulk Bag
Suppling both 85 x 85 x 85 and 95 x 95 x 95
These great quality Flexible intermediate bulk container are manufactured to a high standard
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Debris Netting
Our lightweight debris netting is the perfect solution for mesh fencing panels and scaffolding. Providing privacy and security
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Cable Ties
Our Cable ties are the go to solution when you quickly need tie materials together
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Bulk Bags

Often known as bulk bags, F.I.B.C (flexible intermediate bulk container) is used for most work, from transporting aggregates such as sand, debris and waste to storing goods for subsequent use.

Debris Netting

Debris Netting & Scaffold Netting is mainly used on construction sites for the protection of personnel, traffic and property. Debris Netting & Scaffold Netting is also used as Garden Netting, Insect Netting & Allotment Netting.

Cable Ties

A cable tie is a form of fastener used to link objects together, mostly electrical cables and wires. Cable ties are ubiquitous, finding use in a wide variety of other applications due to their ease of use, and binding ability.

Our Mission

From the beginning we set ourselves a goal to stand out, and be better than the rest for not only for the quality of our uniquely designed products but also for our customer service and care.

As we all know nothing is more valuable than time. At QUBE UK we offer an ease of use that saves you time and money. From the moment you click on our website to the day you receive your products. We are on hand to provide a personal service, and make your online shopping experience among the best.

We consider it a privilege to be here to support our clients, personally and professionally, from answering the simplest of questions to the efficient management of wholesale orders, we’re always on-hand to support your needs.

All our products have been designed with your safety and ease of use in mind, such as offering high visibility aspects to our Debris Netting and FIBC Bulk Bags. Have a look around and be sure to get in touch.

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