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Debris Netting 2M X 50M Pack Of 40

Debris Netting 2M X 50M Pack Of 40


In order to provide construction sites with some protection and security, lightweight open mesh debris netting is ideal for connecting to temporary mesh fencing panels or scaffolding structures. Minimum effect of wind load rates. It is simple and easy to connect with cable or bungee ties.

* Colours may vary

Product Description:

Debris netting is durable, heavy duty plastic netting for use on scaffolding to protect pedestrians and traffic from falling debris. Furthermore, this construction net allows air circulation and dramatically reduces rain and wind penetration, which improves the working environment for construction workers.

Info Detail
Specification 50 GSM
Length 50m
Width 2m
Colour Green
Fire Retardant No
Weight 6kg
UV Rating 3%

You may also use Debris Netting as Garden Netting and as a windbreak cloth. By placing the brake on dangerous gusts in winter and early spring, while also protecting greenhouse seedlings and plants from the scorching mid-summer sun rays


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