Scaffold Netting For Sale

Take a look at our scaffolding netting for sale

When it comes to working in construction, there are lots of health and safety measures you must adhere to. One of the most causes for concern is the safety of those on the scaffolding, as well as those that are outside of it. If you want to ensure that those on the inside and outside remain safe and secure, our scaffolding netting is a worthwhile investment.

Available in a range of units, our scaffolding netting is simple and easy to install and can be used on all building sites. Not only does it help to protect workers and the public, but it also helps to keep your items safe and secure from any potential threats. All netting orders receive free cable tie

At Qube UK we offer our scaffolding netting in a range of units such as:

Single unit

Pack of 5

Pack of 10

Pack of 15

We can also provide you with FIBC bulk bags that make disposing of mess much easier, as well as additional cable ties.

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