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What Are Bulk Bags?

What Are Bulk Bags

If you work in the construction industry, you’ll know that there are plenty of heavy materials that you need to move or take away. From bricks, to cement, sand and fertilisers, what is the best way to move these heavy items? This is where Bulk Bags provide a useful answer. The material is sturdy and durable, ideal for shifting heavy objects safely. But what are bulk bags specifically and when do you need them?

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    What Are Bulk Bags Made From

    Bulk bags are usually white and made of woven polypropylene which is one of the most commonly used thermoplastics in the world. Polypropylene is a useful material for plastic packaging, plastic parts for equipment and even fibres and textiles. Its durable and long lasting properties make it an excellent material for bulk bags. Furthermore, the threads intertwine which increases the strength and durability of the bags.

    What Is FIBC?

    With lots of different versions on the market, how do you know which one to choose? QUBEUK offer the Bulk Bag FIBC for sale from their website. FIBC stands for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. Essentially, these bulk bags have handles which makes them easier to move around and carry.

    You can also fold them down and carry them to where you need them, because they are made from such a flexible material. As well as this, you can fix them down to stop them moving during shipping or transport.

    The Benefits Of Bulk Bags

    Of course, you can use other ways to carry or move heavy loads, but there are many benefits including;

    • Their load bearing strength, you can carry a heavy weight across short distances.
    • They take up less space than other containers so you can store bulk safely.
    • Also, they come with handles so you can move them easily.
    • And bulk bags are lightweight, making them easier to use than heavier containers.
    • They can carry different bulk safely, from materials to liquids.

    How Much Do Bulk Bags Cost

    At QUBEUK, you can buy a single FIBC bulk bag for £6.90 and a pack of 2 will cost £12.80. QUBEUK also offer a pack of 5 at £22.53 or a pack of 10 at £36.05. You can also buy in packs of 20, 50 and 100 or in bulk at 250 or 500.

    Why Choose QUBE UK

    QUBE UK is a company specialising in the supply of cable ties, debris netting and bulk bags. Products which are essential in the construction industry, as well as useful for many other industries. The products are designed with safety and ease of use in mind, such as high visibility aspects to the debris netting and bulk bags. As well as handles for the bulk bags to make them easier to carry.

    Safe Handling Guidelines

    As bulk bags contain heavy materials which need lifting or moving, there are safe handling guidelines in place for workers. According to the National Bulk Bag’s Official FIBC Safety Guide, you should;

    • Make sure there is no damage to your bag that could impact its strength
    • If there’s an option to discharge the material from the bottom of the bag, make sure this is properly secure before filling.
    • Ensure that the bag you are using works with the product you are packing, such as dangerous goods or hazardous material.
    • Fill the bag evenly
    • Ensure the bag remains stable at all times
    • Look at the handles or lift loops, make sure they are vertical to prevent damage
    • If you are using a device such as a forklift to lift or support the bag, make sure the equipment is rated sufficiently to do this.
    • Also, make sure the crane or forklift is free of any sharp edges which could tear the bag.
    • Raise and lower bags smoothly
    • Comply with all the supplier’s recommendations and instructions.

    When using bulk bags, there are also things you should never do, including;

    • fill a bag with a product or material that’s not meant for that particular bag. Such as a hazardous or dangerous material.
    • never exceed the safe working load of the bag.
    • do not allow anyone to place anything under a suspended bag
    • don’t suspend a bag that hasn’t got an approved safety latch
    • never handle a bag that is damaged without talking to your supplier

    Safety With 5:1 FIBC

    All bulk bags from QUBE UK have a 5:1 safety rating factor. This means that they can hold five times the amount of their safe work load. However, although it holds this rating, 5:1 is a maximum amount and workers should not fill the bulk bag to that extent.

    Furthermore, the bulk bags from QUBE UK are made specifically for a single trip. So after one use, they are no longer safe and you should replace them.

    Bulk Bag Risks

    As you can see, there are many benefits to using bulk bags and they are safe as long as you handle them correctly. With this in mind, you should always follow the guidelines set out by your company’s safety guide.

    In some situations, bulk bags may fall over if they are not stable. If they contain hazardous material, this can be extremely dangerous. Another risk is that they could get caught up in machinery which is being used to move them around. Make sure there are no sharp edges on the machinery which risk catching or tearing a bag accidentally.

    Conclusion : What Are Bulk Bags

    In summary, bulk bags are useful in all sorts of industries, not just construction. In food, their flexibility makes them useful for moving powders and grain. Chemicals and Pharmaceutical industries use them to transport material. Other examples include paint, pet food, coffee and tea, small plastics, wood and paper and even sugar and salt. The flexibility and durability of bulk bags makes them an ideal choice for moving bulk material around safely.

    If you’d like to speak to an expert for advice, contact QUBE UK today at qubeuk.com.

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